Day 4 at CoreOS

Waking up with a stiff neck this morning was not part of my agenda and the tossing and turning through the night did not make my day any easier. Throughout the day, I was only able to keep my head facing more to the left and found it hard to turn to the right. Certain movements were also restricted.

Immediately after a sluggish morning prep, it was already time for the scrum inception team meeting. I was excited, I am going to find found how we’re going to approach this massive project!

Immediately after the hour-long meeting, I jumped into another meeting with the OS team.

  • figuring out that there isn’t a central system with priorities were being put together

grabbed bag and hurried downtown which coincided with lunch time so got lunch, got to know people i haven’t talked to much

then got chai to pick me up

talked about CTF (capture the flag) and defcon with Sean

Proposed Unreal workshop…

tried to checked items off my to-do list

(this was outlined yesterday but was slightly hesitant because maybe I thought it was un-necessary)

Considering there will be a new successor to Container Linux, what will become of it.. Approached Steve — new successor and Benjamin –container linux

docs in my opinion assumed a lot of prior knowledge that was not mentioned in the guides and the guides did not link well with existing useful relevant information

Tried out CT for the first time and then only by accidentally using the flags or options wrongly that i get a prompt listing the various options and their uses which i couldnt have found in the readmes (look into this)

dug into looking at systemd presets

and then a little bit with atomic


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