Day 1 at CoreOS

A warm welcome awaited me at this office on New Montgomery St. , my desk was colorfully decorated with fluffy balls and my manager took me out for a cup of Chai first thing in the morning.

This was what my desk looked like, but this is another intern’s desk, I was too eager to plop my things down before taking a picture of my own:

I was later set up with a Fedora ThinkPad and had the pleasure of finding a workaround to get the Lenovo Professional Keyboard and Mouse combo to work. This was the exact problem I ran into, where some keys worked while all others weren’t. Thank goodness for this repo!

Getting acquainted with RedHat’s administrative tools weren’t too hard, especially with the help of my coworkers around me.ย can be a good reference source but you may need a second opinion to see if the help listed is still any good (as in is this still up to date).

The people around me were all very welcoming and friendly, grabbing lunch/coffee tomorrow is certainly on my to-do list!

Additionally, I got Container Linuxย running on my Fedora machine pretty easily and even made some amendments to this docs page too!


This is what my desk looks like, the error on my screen is explained in this post:

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